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Site url: https://www.9sites.net
Submit to url: https://www.9sites.net/addurl.php
Pay to submit: false
Inactive site: false
Should you launch here? No
Slug: 9_sites
Tagline: Low traffic website that looks ancient, benefits of launching here is minimal, submission is manual process, will accept $16 for premium link :/
Status: not_launchsite

Updated 2023.11.18 - Tried to submit if only for the backlinks, but nothing was posted. This is a strange site. Dont waste your time.

Based in Indonesia. Design looks 20 years old. However it does appear to be posting new content in May 2023. Posts for free with paid option.

Has simple 2 step submission option. It's simple to launch, confirmation page with minimal security to submit. Worth the effort even if nothing comes from it.

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