Top Sites to Launch a Software as a Service (SaaS) in 2023

(Bootstrapper edition)

We did the research so you don't have to

In launching Keenforms I did a lot of research for places to find places to launch. I found more than 400 recommended sites, but learned the hard way that a lot of them were either broken, abandoned, or not appropriate for a Software as a Service. Also some of them ask for a fair amount of money to "list" you.

We based this list on the following criteria

  • The launch site works (you'd be surprised how many do not)
  • Must be up to date - not all sites show dates of submissions so its hard to tell if its active or not
  • Launch site should have a social media presence
  • Launch site should have at least a free option to submit - paying to expedite is acceptable
  • If the launch site is not free then the price to submit should be very reasonable. Any site charging more than $20 won't be considered
  • It's preferrable if the site makes their web traffic public

The Top Sites to launch a SaaS

  1. 10words -
    Apps & Startups in 10 words or less; active site & email newsletter, submit for free but waiting list is 410 days(Nov 2023), $19 to expedite
  2. A directory of affordable alternatives to the popular AI and SaaS tools, free to apply but wait, or pay to expedite
  3. Security certificate expired on October 1, 2023, you won't get notified if you are approved or rejected 👎
  4. Alternative To -
    Website that suggests as alternative to competitors, has significant traffic so a must for any SaaS
  5. -
    Clone of AlternativeTo, submitting requires creating an account and multi page form.
  6. App Marketing Plus -
    App Marketing Agency with site cross promoting services. Has free option but you need to share on facebook and twitter to get it.
  7. App Rater -
    Anyone can submit their app, but you might not get reviewed. Inspired by Product Hunt, is active, design is mediocre.
  8. Anyone can launch software here. Has some traffic, has more than 3 million apps listed. If nothing else launch here for the backlinks.
  9. Apps Thunder -
    Another site linked with app400, with FREE option to submit
  10. Awesome Indie -
    Nice looking site posting 2 projects a day, is still posting new submissions in November 2023. The wait is long but it's free, would recommend submitting here.
  11. Very popular site dedicated to new or soon to be launched startups. However lots of sites get rejected without explanation so it's a mixed bag.
  12. Community site focused on founders, it required a lot of effort to add your startup to be listed, not sure of the ROI for launching here.
  13. "Collaborative lists and delightful community", free to submit to, keenforms has seen some traffic come from this source
  14. Also known as Y Combinator, grandaddy of startup and tech centric sites, submit post with title prepended with 'Show HN:'
  15. IndieHackers -
    Easy place to announce, can be competitive so announce multiple times when you do
  16. Insanely Cool Tools -
    Nice looking gallery website that showcases web apps, free to submit to or pay to expedite
  17. Active product hunt clone, submission takes 2-4 months or pay $99 to be listed next day
  18. Betalist clone, typically takes 2-4 months for submissions to be reviewed, or pay $99 to expedite
  19. -
    Nicely designed site, minimalist. Not a ton of traffic, but it's free and easy to post on.
  20. Maker Peak -
    Gallery of web apps, relatively new so it's easy to get listed but not sure how much traffic it's getting
  21. Open Makers -
    Community of makers, easy to launch here, site appears relatively new
  22. Pitchwall -
    Used to be betapage, same site, easy to submit to
  23. Arguably most visible place to launch, but also very competitive
  24. Reddit Alphaandbetausers -
    The perfect subreddit to launch on - low expectations, multiple daily posts
  25. Anyone can post anything, level of effort is low but so is reward, but it won't hurt to post here
  26. For startups to offer and share, not a lot of activity but do it anyway
  27. Seems like a good place to trade links, and no ban on self promotion so why not? Launch here!
  28. Software as a Service businesses run by a very small team, perfect for launching a SaaS
  29. Reddit Plugyourproduct -
    Promotion here is encouraged, but traffic is infrequent
  30. Promotion here is encouraged, so perfect for launching here
  31. Self promotion is encouraged, and is very active, definitely share here
  32. Promotion here is permitted, traffic is active
  33. Reddit Software As a Service -
    Active subreddit where self promotion is allowed, if you are a SaaS then post here
  34. This is a subreddit to bring people together and help startups get help with their business needs.
  35. "You MAY share your startup in the Monthly Share Your Startup thread" - this subreddit is very active and sharing your startup is encouraged, so do it
  36. SaaS AI Tools -
    Another site dedicated to AI based tools - SaaS AI Tools is your source for new AI tools & daily AI news to help supercharge your creativity to the next level
  37. Good looking site, looks good, might as well
  38. Saas Worthy -
    Saas directory with active blog. Submitted to site, still waiting response.
  39. Side Projectors -
    A place to showcase and also sell and buy side projects. If nothing else you'll get back links.
  40. Startup directory with very involved process of submitting, has free option and paid upgrades
  41. Software Suggest -
    You can list your app here, but exactly for launching; signup and creating profile is painful and time consuming. SEMRush though shows more than 645K visitors.
  42. Startup Dope -
    Startup news site that has good content and is up to date, submission form is SO DAMN LONG
  43. Startup Inspire -
    Submitting requires creating account, free to submit with paid upgrade
  44. Startup Ranking -
    Site that ranks & promote startups worldwide. We entered info for Keenforms, must be reviewed, you can pay to expedite.
  45. Startup Stash -
    Directory of tools and resources for startups and entrepreneurs, submitting involves filling out typeform
  46. -
    Lovely looking site - free to submit but long wait (181 days submitted June 3 2023). Skip the line by paying a fee.
  47. Nice looking website that curates tools, can submit for free with long waiting list or pay to expedite
  48. give feedback to other startups, then share your own, relatively new site but novel concept and it's free